About Us

We Believe In Dental Happiness.

Dental Happiness for everyone. Beautiful smiles across generations. Delivered by friendly, caring professionals.


To build a living legacy of an all-inclusive dental health experience that transcends borders, boundaries and generations.


To constantly build upon the unique Artius brand values and expand our family throughout Asia.

To become the benchmark in dental care innovation by setting new standards through combining best practices in innovation, education and customer-centric service with state-of-the-art technology and business excellence.

Brand Story

Quality Care

It’s All About Starting Right

Providing Quality Care is at the top of our list of commitments, but in order to treat your teeth right, we first need to ensure you’re given a proper, through diagnosis. After all, the best solutions in the world are moot if they’re used to solve the wrong problems. That’s why we empower our customers young and old, parents and children, caregivers and those they care for – to be actively involved at all levels of treatment.

Health & Safety

Safety First, Always

Health and safety are our top priorities at all times. We take particular pride in our safety controls, especially when it comes to our customers. Our people receive proper and adequate training in infection prevention and control procedures, with emphasis placed on the adoption of comprehensive sterilisation processes. This is to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is maintained for both our patients and personnel. On top of that, we have in place strict guidelines for minimising patient risk across the board, including safety guidelines for X-rays.

Honesty & Sincerity

Honesty – Still The Best Policy

As subject matter experts, it’s easy for us to recommend treatments that are most profitable for us. But we want you to leave with a smile on your face, and not a bad taste in your mouth; so it’s our policy to always operate with Honesty and Sincerity. We strive to enhance the standard of care by building long-term relationships and that’s only possible when we do things ethically, authentically and compassionately.

Continuous Education

Cutting Our Teeth On The Cutting Edge

Continuous Education is crucial in ensuring that we’re always on the forefront of our industry. It’s not just a matter of pride for us; it’s so we can create opportunities to serve you better while also building a more conducive environment for our own people to be better.