What is an inlay?

An inlay is a pre-moulded filling fitted into the grooves of a tooth and do not extend over the cusps of tooth. Inlay is recommended for fractured or decayed teeth where it does not affect the cusp of the tooth, when damage is extensive enough to require a large dental filling that may weaken the remaining structure.

What are inlays made of?

Inlays are manufactured from porcelain or composite resin material matching the color of the tooth, and provide almost invisible dental restoration while repairing the chewing surface. Dental inlays are generally more durable than regular fillings made from composite or amalgam, and gold inlays are the most durable and the most expensive of the materials available.

What is the process of getting an inlay like?

Our dentist will apply anaesthetic to numb the tooth before drilling the tooth to remove and clean out the decay in the tooth. This is one of the restorative methods used to repair a tooth after it sustains harm from injury or decay that does not affect the cusps of the tooth. Our dentist will then take an impression and sends it to our laboratory where the inlay is made. Single visit restoration is possible with the availability of our in-house dental laboratory. The inlay is then bonded to the tooth in a single appointment.