What is an onlay?

An onlay is a type of dental restoration (filling), pre-moulded tooth restoration that fit on the chewing surface of a cavity and extends over the cusp or tip of the tooth.

What are onlays made of?

An onlay is made of metal, porcelain or acrylic.

What is the process of getting an onlay like?

Onlay preparation takes one dental visit, followed by another visit for placement of the onlay and the restoration will last for years.

To fit an onlay, during your first visit, our dentist must first prepare your tooth by cleaning out the cavity down to healthy tooth structure. If the cavity is large, expect a longer visit to give our dentist some time to remove all of the decayed or damaged areas of the tooth. Next, our dentist takes a dental impression of the tooth. Our in-house dental laboratory will then make a temporary onlay to be fitted onto your tooth as protection while you wait for the permanent onlay to be made by our lab.

During your second visit, your temporary onlay will be removed and the new permanent onlay will be fixed onto the tooth.