Dr. Yap Tsen Wei

Prior to graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the University of Sydney in 2004, Dr. Yap Tsen Wei won the Faculty Research Prize for his work on areca nuts and their effects on saliva composition. During his time at the university, he was also elected President of the Westmead Student’s Association. Dr. Yap went on to spend three years at the Sydney West Area Health Service upon graduation – here, he built up his capabilities experiencing a wide spectrum of dentistry alongside specialists in numerous fields. In 2007, he accepted the position of Senior Dental Officer, spending considerable time working in the prosthodontic, paediatric and endodontic departments where he managed complex rehabilitation and trauma cases. He was elected President of the Westmead Hospital Dental Officer’s Association in 2008, then began private practice work in 2009.

Along with providing comfortable, friendly and meticulous general dental work, he also gained much experience in managing dental care for geriatrics – an opportunity afforded to him whilst working for a dental group responsible for providing service to a large retirement village. During this time, he also wrote a column in the local newspaper addressing dental issues in the community. In 2010, Dr. Yap began work for The University of Sydney as a Clinical Associate Lecturer where he supervised third and final year dental students in their clinical sessions. Throughout his career, Dr. Yap has keenly pursued continued education. He has memberships in various professional associations and has attended hundreds of courses in Australia, Malaysia, Japan, America and abroad. He is also accredited by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.

Then, in 2014, Dr. Yap returned to Malaysia, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and skill built up over his extensive career. Known for his friendly demeanour and vast experience, Dr. Yap takes pride in looking after his patients, with a clear commitment to providing quality care for adults and children alike. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to help the underprivileged, having worked with indigenous communities in Australia and children in Cambodia, and also volunteering his time to provide free dental care to the needy in Kuala Lumpur.